Lir Media is a world-class strategic communications and program management firm focused on innovative energy initiatives
We deliver real-world, cost-effective solutions to the everyday challenges that owners, contractors, engineers, operators, and architects face throughout the research, development, construction, and management of their projects. We partner with you to cut through the clutter and deliver clear, effective communications to any audience relevant to your project.

Lir Media cares deeply about its clients and employees, and seeks to add value to its customers’ projects by operating with a pervasive sense of urgency and focus on growth. Our talented project management and strategic communications professionals provide experienced leadership, acute attention to detail, and a valued partnership you can rely on throughout the life of your project.

Lir Media possesses the strategic communications and project management expertise to provide support through the entire project lifecycle: from initial concept to closeout, we assist our clients in facilitating and coordinating every step of the process to mitigate complex problems and achieve ambitious results. With the knowledge and experience of a multinational agency, and the agility and value of a boutique firm, our strategies impact hearts and minds to improve your bottom line.


Lir Media's mission and core values look both inward and out. We embrace this binary approach because investing in and rewarding our employees empowers them to deliver optimal results for our clients. Our dedication to flawless execution through personalized, white-glove service is powered by the pride every member of our team takes in their work.

Lir Media succeeds because caring about our clients and employees equally is the foundation of everything we do. The growth-focused sense of urgency we bring to our work drives long-term working relationships with our client base. Recognition of constraints and this attitude of urgency drives the powerful creative insights that brings our work to the next level.

Lir Media dedicates itself to remaining “ever-curious”, embracing a big-picture thinking and “lifetime of learning” attitude across all our work. This empowers our employees to sustain the highest quality of work and services by staying ahead of industry trends.

Strategic Communications

With large projects, communication and coordination between all of your stakeholders is absolutely vital. Lir Media designs a strategy for all communication to be consistently applied by all stakeholders in dissemination of project-related information to any manner of audience. We translate your teams’ deliberations and outcomes, capturing that information into high-quality communications tools in appropriate formats - digital and physical. We create and produce artifacts to be employed in decision-making and presentations, and develop a library of knowledge around the output of your teams.

Project Planning Management

Multifaceted construction programs have complex challenges that require successful team integration; building the right team to manage and execute is crucial to your success. Lir Media identifies issues and resolves conflicts before they become problems using innovative and human-centric processes that consistently yield excellent results. We focus on the big picture: establishing priorities and coordinating activities and stakeholders to ensure that your project is delivered safely, on time, and under budget.

Public Relations

Lir Media provides a number of public relations services that are vital to the success of a large-scale project. Beginning with co-creating a thought-provoking, emotionally driven, and proactive storyline - we then develop and execute a rollout strategy to maximize impact and minimize risks of delays to your project. We develop a strategy that matches the project needs and can facilitate media training, development of launch events, and execution of traditional media relations combined with digital and organic or earned media.

Program Management

Lir Media provides program management services to supplement ongoing efforts throughout the entire construction process: from pre-design through project delivery and closeout. Our services make projects more efficient by controlling costs, schedules, and work scope without compromising quality. We provide practical management approaches to support the successful execution of any construction project.

Industry, Consultancy, and Advisory Services

Large-scale projects often require consultants, advisors, and subject matter experts (SMEs) to amplify credibility, provide insight, and drive success. Lir Media curates the consultancy and advisory services your project needs to succeed. We have relationships with the influencers and analysts you need to reach. We record, analyze, and distribute lessons learned through project success workshops with key stakeholders.

Crisis Communications

A great brand and reputation can be lost by one significant crisis. While a project without crisis is the goal, the creation of a response structure and written plan that will guide and optimize reaction to future crises ensures that any unforeseen circumstance is handled with minimal risk to the project’s outcome. Our processes have been put to the test by clients around the world. Our team of crisis communications veterans help mitigate issues before they surface. If the crisis does reach the media, we work with our clients to control any negative impact and move forward in a way that supports your brand values.

Strategic and Governance Services

Lir Media establishes and maintains controls for the overall project, conducts project health checks and reviews, performs quality assurance, and oversees contracts and procurement process for outyear strategies, project change orders, and administration. We also set and refine contracts strategy to ensure project responsiveness to evolving needs and requirements

Content Services

Our seasoned team conveys your story clearly and with passion. No matter how complicated your product or service, we’ll make it informative, intriguing, and compelling to your key audiences. The result: higher engagement, conversion, and stakeholder satisfaction.

Staff Augmentation

Often times Lir Media is called upon to augment the client’s staff. Some of our Staff Augmentation Services include project scheduling, project engineering, assistant project management, senior project management, quality control, safety, risk management, assistant superintendence, and general superintendence.

Cost & Schedule Management

Lir Media is unparalleled in providing cost, planning, and scheduling management services on projects in multiple industries. We provide owners with constant feedback and information to ensure successful project execution. To accomplish this, we develop and maintain custom reports that graphically depict project cost and schedule status in a timely manner. This leads to enhanced cost and schedule management and increases the likelihood of achieving (or beating) your cost and schedule goals.

Owner’s Representative

As your representative, our approach includes minimizing design and construction costs, project delivery time, and facility life cycle costs while maximizing project flexibility and value through strong communication and process development. Our talented staff can augment your existing staff or team to work on your behalf when no staff is available. We collaborate with you to tackle the day-to-day responsibilities, while minding the bigger picture.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Uncovering ways for businesses to do good while achieving their business goals is central to our ethos. A strong corporate social responsibility program impacts employee retention and recruitment, provides a hedge against unforeseen crises, and leads to brand differentiation.


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